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Most Common Car Problems

Having a car gives you the freedom to take you wherever you want to. However, there will come a time when something goes wrong in your car. Having a car has now become a necessity in day to day life. So in this article, we have put together the top 10 problems that will occur to you in your cars lifetime.

1. Faulty Battery Your battery is one of the main sources of power in your car. So the car depends on this in order to function properly. The batteries used in cars are often made from acid or lead and because of this, the lifespan of a single car battery is usually around 5 years. Some of the most common issues that will affect your battery often involve the clamp connections as well as the failure of the terminals. In order to help make your battery last longer, you can use lubricants on the terminals which will help to protect them from corrosion. Or you may want to consider a maintenance free battery. These are far more advanced and will serve you for a longer period of time without so many issues. These kinds of batteries are easy to jump start and recharge whilst you're driving. Which definitely makes them a more convenient solution to battery problems.

2. Flat Tyre or Damaged Wheels Now we've all driven in terrains which are a little too bumpy for our liking. The right tyres will make driving not only feel safe but more efficient and effective too. But even if you are the most careful of drivers. Your tyres will start to wear away and after a while, this will start to pose a lot of danger for the driver whilst you are out on the road. Of course, we can never predict the future. Your car should always have a spare wheel in the vehicle somewhere. Especially when you are travelling, no matter how long the distance is. Be sure to also keep all the tools required to change the tyre in your vehicle too when you're driving such as a jack, wrench and jack stands.

3. Locked Out Of Your Car Being locked out of your car is one of the most not only devasting but annoying things that can happen to you. This happens a different range of ways which most often include misplacing the car keys or leaving them inside the car and then the car locks itself automatically. Which means that if you're in a hurry, you're going to be pretty frustrated. One way to avoid this problem happening to you is always having an extra set of keys. So that should the worst happen to you, you can quickly get back into your car. Other ways to overcome this are making sure that you have the identity of your keys so that you can get a replacement made quickly.

4. Dents In Your Car Every single day there are numerous road traffic accidents. All of these come with different magnitudes. You could be the victim of such incidents which could leave your vehicle with damages to the body. The main thing that will be affected by an accident is the finish of the car such as your paintwork. Even if you are the most careful driver in the world. You may still be hit by other vehicles on the road and so it is impossible to control everything that happens around you on the road. The best thing to do if this happens to you is to visit a repair shop. As if you leave it, the problem will then become aggravated which will lead to pricier fixes.

5. Problems With Fuel The car relies on fuel in order to be able to run the engine and as such, you can hardly do much if there are issues with your fuel. When the tank has a problem then this is very dangerous not only for your car but for you as well. The major problems are often caused by things such as leaking tanks.

6. Faulty Electricals Just like any other wires in your everyday life. The wires and cables that are in your vehicle may break down due to normal everyday wear and tear. This may also apply to the clutch cable, which may tear and cause major problems to the normal functioning of the vehicle The electrical cables in your car and van are used for equipment such as the lights, horn, radio, windows and wipers etc. The most effective to solve this problem is by repairs. However, this may not be the most permanent solution for your vehicle. So We would always suggest considering buying a new cable altogether so as to avoid more catastrophic problems in the future.

7. Faulty Spark Plug The spark plugs inside your car are vital for ignition. So when the spark plugs do not work properly in your vehicle then that's when a problem arises. Faulty spark plugs will affect the overall performance of your car. The car will consume a whole lot of fuel and this means that the car will consume a lot more fuel than it regularly would and will not have the required power if the spark plugs wear out.

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Posted on 25th July 2018 at 3:42 PM

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